13 Fundraising websites to meet your every campaign need Fundraising Ideas for charity

Coordinate development and donor engagement efforts with features and tools built for collaboration. Create beautiful, branded donation forms that are as unique as your mission. Bring donors together in person and online with hassle-free event management tools. This is a great example of a nonprofit donation page focused specifically on monthly giving. In addition to giving donors options, the page spells out what recurring donations mean alongside compelling and hopeful images.
The most funded project on Kickstarter is Pebble Time – a kind of smart watch. People invested over $20 million which allowed its creators to sell 2 million devices worldwide. Get started with WPForms Pro, the most powerful WordPress donation plugin. The Obama Foundation has a visually appealing donation page that has a recurring donation suggestion on the left or a one-time donation option on the right-hand side.
Vendors host cloud-based fundraising platforms on remote servers and databases, and they don’t require installation on your organization’s servers. Employees can access the systems anywhere, anytime via web browsers and mobile apps. Customizable communication and automation capabilities are other tools that can drastically transform your donor interactions for the better.
Like Wonderful Payments, Evershare uses Open Banking to offer a direct donation service for charities who wish to receive payments via their own websites or in-person via QR codes. Unlike Wonderful Payments, there is a fee on every donation, but this fee is still vastly cheaper than more traditional payment services like PayPal or Stripe. The platform has also partnered with SwiftAid to allow charities to automatically claim Gift Aid on Enthuse donations. A simple donate button or a donation checkout panel can be placed on the charity’s website. As a charity, you’re all about giving back and making a positive difference, but does your fundraising platform exist for the same reasons? Charity trustees, fundraisers and donors can all have strong feelings about this and it’s important to consider.
And is a team fundraising feature also high on your list of priorities? To help Fundraising Ideas for charity through the many great sources for charity funding on the internet, we’ve put together this list of the best charity fundraising sites. ABC Fundraising empowers you to choose products that your supporters will actually want to buy. You can browse through the options on their website and see a projection of what your nonprofit could make with each product. With a product fundraiser, your donors can buy a product they’re excited about, like cookie dough, branded travel mugs, or popcorn, and have their purchase go toward supporting your cause. Experiment’s platform enables researchers to continue focusing on their work instead of spending precious time fundraising to no avail.
In addition, members get free access to our best-in-class online fundraising platform which includes Text-to-Donate, Peer-to-Peer, and much more. Non-members are mailed paper checks within 30 days after the close of the month in which the donations were made, per our Terms Of Use. MightyCause is an online giving platform for underfunded nonprofit causes. It helps raise funds through a mobile app and offers personal crowdfunding.