How Does a Silent Auction Work: A Step-by-Step Explanation by auctionpl7

If your charity is planning to host a silent auction in order to raise funds, use our free Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template to keep track of bids in an easy-to-view spreadsheet. Using their mobile device, participants can fill out an online auction form placing their bids, and their information will automatically appear in the spreadsheet! You’ll be able to view, download, and share submissions from your easily accessible Jotform account. Silent auctions are events that exhibit many kinds of items for sale, and the attendees can bid on the items to buy. Silent auctions are commonly held indoors, and the highest bidder gets the products.
For example, will the winner receive a deep clean of their entire house? Be as specific as possible when writing up the silent auction item description so there are no surprises for the winner. Memorabilia connects people to celebrities, historical events, or important fields of interest. Auctioning off memorabilia allows you to connect with collectors who are often driven to bid high on items for their personal meaning. You can even create a themed auction around a specific type of memorabilia.
Raffles, on the other hand, typically involve a single prize so
there’s a lower chance it will be something everyone wants. (The only time I’ve witnessed competitive direct purchases were at Office Depot on Black Friday.)  best items for silent auction bought an item, and a portion of their sale became a donation to Children’s Medical. At the Sheraton, they called it a “progressive auction” on the bid sheets. Vendeze uses your contact information from the registration form to send you information about Vendeze and promotional material from some of Vendeze’ partners.
Increase interest and participation through your customized event website created for your nonprofit. Sell tickets and sponsorships, take cash and item donations, showcase your sponsors and auction items, and securely process credit card payments online. Share your auction link with your supporters to allow them to view your auction items and start bidding even before they arrive at your event. This also allows them to update their contact information and register their credit cards before bidding, which makes check in quick and easy at the event!
Start promoting your event as early as possible through social media, email, newsletters, flyers, and word of mouth. In an open format, all bidders are aware of the bids submitted. Auctions can be live, or they can be conducted on an online platform. The asset or service in question is sold to the party that places the highest bid in an open auction and usually to the highest bidder in a closed auction. An auction is a sales event wherein potential buyers place competitive bids on assets or services either in an open or closed format. Auctions are popular because buyers and sellers believe they will get a good deal buying or selling assets.
Then, with secure checkout and Apple Pay features, bidders won’t have to worry about their payment information being protected. Streamline your entire silent auction from check-in to wrap-up, and watch the bids surge. When it comes to auction events, there are plenty of variations on the popular fundraising idea.
With your software, you’re able to use digital bidding to host a completely virtual auction, too. Guests of the auction should have a certain predetermined length within which they have to place their bids. It will create a sense of urgency and ensure that guests place bids on items that they might be interested in as soon as they can. It is usually used by charities and organizations as a method to raise funds for a certain cause. When you think of an auction, the first thing that comes to your mind is a room full of people, bidding loudly on the items present.
Attendees may simply want to have professional pictures taken of their pets, after all. By contrast, silent auctions are normally reserved for board members and other select individuals who are devoted to the related cause. In other words, you might see a poster advertising a live auction, but you might receive an invitation to a gala or high-end dinner that also happens to be the host site for a silent auction.
Such a format focuses your decision making and inspires donors and sponsors. So if you are ready to set a record this year for your cause, you’ll love this guide. Here at Charity Truth, we’ll help you find the best charities you can give to today… And the ones you’ll want to avoid. Similarly, a home may end up being auctioned if the homeowner does not pay the assessed property taxes.
Inquire about each system’s fundraising features, such as the ability to collect donations in lieu of attendance. There is no ideal day, month or season in which to hold your fundraiser. Successful events are held every day of the week and at all times of the day, including breakfast events, lunch events, and dinner events. For the majority of events, six months is enough time to plan your silent auction. The silent auction is a popular fundraising format for schools, churches, foundations, and many other kinds of nonprofits.